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Success Stories

By placing the emphasis on what needs to be done long before a fire starts, pre-fire projects are meant to reduce fire fighting costs and property losses, increase firefighter safety, and to contribute to ecosystem health. Such actions as prescribed fires, fuel breaks, defensible space around homes, forest management, mechanical means ,and fire safe landscaping are proven methods of reducing wildfire destruction. It is important for Californians living within the State's wildland areas to understand the need for pre-fire activities.

While wildfires will continue to be a part of the California landscape, the pre-fire projects implemented by the agencies of the California Fire Alliance will lead to successful fire suppression stories.

A fuel break, greenbelt, or prescribed burn area may play a major role in stopping a wildfire or allowing fire fighting resources to focus on another section of fire line and, therefore, gain control of the entire blaze more quickly.

As these types of success stories are gathered they will be posted at this site.

Success Stories
PDF Icon Cooperative Prescribed Fire Protects Communities and Provides Firefighter Training (44K PDF)
PDF Icon Timing Is Everything- Juggling multiple burn objectives (104K PDF)
PDF Icon Cottonwood Fire Protection District receives $14,000 through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Rural Fire Assistance Program (63K PDF)
PDF Icon Homestead Fuel Reduction Implements CWPP in Golden Gate NRA, CA (92K PDF)
PDF Icon Limantour Prescribed Fire Initiates Strategic Fuelbreak, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA (50K PDF)
PDF Icon Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Completes a 2nd Significant 239 Acre Prescribed Burn (68K PDF)
PDF Icon Gasquet Community Fire Protection Successes (103K PDF)
PDF Icon Four-Legged Fuels Force (75K PDF)
PDF Icon International Fuel Break (124K PDF)
PDF Icon Fuel Break Fuels Local Support Off Hwy 299 (105K PDF)
PDF Icon Mammoth Lakes Fuelbreak (171K PDF)
PDF Icon Orleans Hazard Fuels Reduction Project (116K PDF)
PDF Icon Pine Valley Fuelbreak (70K PDF)
PDF Icon Peterson Fire Success Story (10MB PDF)

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