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Communications Plan & Tools

The California Fire Alliance is pleased to introduce an online education kit designed to assist Alliance members in practicing and promoting fire safety and heightening awareness of the California Fire Alliance.

This kit is customizable to assist you in addressing different audiences in different formats. Kits can be customized to suit your particular needs, such as press kits, briefing kits for field tours, presentation kits for speaking engagements, or as community resource kits for community meetings. Its contents are brief and can be downloaded for print and e-mail use.

Local Organization Tools
PDF Icon How to Develop a Communications Plan (41K PDF)
How to Fund Your Programs

Local Organization Tools
High-quality logos and images
PDF Icon How and When to Write a News Release (38K PDF)
PDF Icon How to Create a Press Kit (33K PDF)
PDF Icon How to Pitch Your Local Media (38K PDF)
PDF Icon How to Prepare for Media Interviews (39K PDF)
PDF Icon How to Place a PSA (25K PDF)
PDF Icon When to Place an Ad Buy (25K PDF)

Some of our files require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system. If you do not currently have Acrobat, or are not sure if you have it installed, you can download it directly from Adobe.

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